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  • Addr.: Jiexi Industrial Park, Jiepai Town, Danyang, Jiangsu
  • Tel: +86-13806103047
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Career development in Weiman
If you have professional background with automobile, mechanical engineering, engineering mechanics, computational mathematics, polymer materials, chemistry, vehicle engineering, etc., or have experience in the fields of machinery, electronics, automobile manufacturing and so on, we look forward to your joining.
We welcome enthusiastic, customer focused, detail oriented, and willing to create value for the company and its customers.

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Weiman is a company specializing in the manufacture of double light lenses, modified headlights, decorative covers, angel eyes and rubber sealing rear covers. Since its inception, we have been dedicated to the development of China"s auto industry. As a professional auto parts manufacturer, we are committed to creating a beautiful future that meets both human and environmental needs.
Join the Weiman company and become a member of us. Here, although we have different personalities, we all have the passion to work hard to achieve our goals. We need talents who are able to constantly improve themselves, be enthusiastic, pursue efficiency, be determined and competitive. If you share the same vision and believe that you can grow with us, we sincerely look forward to your joining.