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The function and type of automobile lens

Datetime: 2018-04-20 06:56:31    Views: 1879

Owners may wonder why the xenon headlights need to be installed. Because the intensity of the xenon lamp is very high, the area of light scattering is very large. If the lens is not installed, all the light is scattered around, whether it is lighting or safety problems. After the lens is mounted, the light can be controlled, whether it is shape or directivity.

At present, there are two kinds of lenses, one lens and two lens. This depends on the structure of your headlight. In the single lens, the lens is designed to correspond to near light and far light, such as the near light lens of M6, the Mondeo long light lens, and the difference of the double light lens is that it can make the transformation similar to the far and near light conversion, usually near light state. When the light is opened at the same time, it operates the dimmer through the electromagnetic mechanism. The light light is also distributed to the far light. 

The main reason for the slow flash of the xenon lamp under a single lens is that the xenon lamp opens with a certain time, half a second to one second. After all, the stabilizer is required to generate 23000V high pressure time for the breakdown of the inert gas. If a good stabilizer is selected, this problem can be avoided.

The principle of the dual optical lens is to switch signals, open the solenoid valve, adjust the angle of the lens, and turn the state of the long light into the state of the near light, or turn the state of the near light into a state of far light. Remember, when choosing, you must pay attention to finding a thick wire. If the power supply is not good, it will easily block the solenoid valve, resulting in the overall failure.