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Advantages and disadvantages of various automobile headlights

Datetime: 2020-11-19 17:11:51    Views: 794
As the eyes of the car, the headlamp not only ensures the safe driving of the owner at night or under bad weather conditions, but also becomes a means to show personality and grade. Many consumers begin to pay more attention to the configuration of headlights when buying cars, from the most basic halogen and advanced xenon headlamp to the new force led and laser headlamp full of future sense.
1. Halogen headlamp
A few years ago, the most common light source type of automobile headlight in major automobile manufacturers. Light emission is realized by heating and radiation of objects. However, the bulb filled with halogen element gas reacts with tungsten, which will greatly prolong the life of bulb and has higher brightness than ordinary bulb.
Advantages: low cost, simple structure, better penetration and even light when visibility is poor.
The light bulb has the disadvantage of short brightness and low lifetime.
2. Xenon headlamp
HID (high intensity discharge lamp) is a gas discharge lamp. It uses electronic ballast to raise the 12V voltage of the car to a trigger voltage of more than 23KV in an instant. The xenon in the xenon headlamp is ionized to form an arc discharge and emit light.
Advantages: the brightness is more than 3 times of halogen lamp, more than 40% power saving, and longer life without filament structure.
Disadvantages: poor concentration, generally need to be equipped with lens, poor visibility weather penetration, slow response speed.
3. LED headlamp
LED headlamp refers to the headlamp. All light sources are led (light emitting diode). At present, the mainstream automobile headlamp light source type of major automobile manufacturers. There are two kinds of lens and no lens, with the lens of the focus is better.
Advantages: long service life, no need to replace lamps and lanterns throughout the service life of the vehicle, high efficiency, low energy consumption, energy consumption is only about 1 / 20 of halogen lamp, fast response speed, suitable for low voltage operation, small volume, so the lamp has strong plasticity.
Disadvantages: high cost, poor heat treatment, easy light fading, light design is difficult.
4. Laser headlamp
After the LED headlamp, the laser headlamp is known as the "reasonable next step". The principle is that the blue light of the laser led runs through the fluorescent phosphor material in the headlamp unit, and converts it into a diffused white light, which is bright and friendly to the eyes at the same time.
Advantages: compared with LED headlamp, it has most advantages, such as long life, low energy consumption and fast response speed, but it is brighter than LED headlight, smaller volume and higher luminous efficiency.
Disadvantages: the cost is too high, not conducive to popularization.